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We will definitely be incorporating the WorkHorse and use it in our Life Live in Yoga Pants Workouts!  It's simple and effective in building upper body strength.

Rachel Honoway 

It's sturdy, well built, incredibly easy to assembly and No Tools Required. Plus, it's Portable, so you can workout your back and biceps anywhere...which is hard for any home workout.

Josh Anderson

reviews of my work horse fitness trainer, testimonials of workhorse fitness trainer,

My favorite workout has been the 5 minute workout consisting of 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and repeating for 5 minutes.  Trying to see how many I can do in 5 minutes.  I've gotten up to 70 total so far.  Hoping to reach 100 soon!!!

Jennifer Boudreau

review of the work horse fitness trainer;testimonials for the workhorse fitness trainer, my portable pull-up bar

I have discovered an awesome at-home piece of workout equipment to help you show your upper body some much needed love!  It's a go-to workout staple for me and my husband in our 'home-gym. I've added 2 full pull-up reps to my hanging pull-ups. Hey, that's progress!

Michelle McAlister

testimonials for the workhorse fitness trainer, reviews of my workhorse fitness trainer, comments on my portable pull-up bar,

The last time I did a pull-up I was in school. Pull-ups on the WorkHorse are easier than a traditional pull-up, which is great. It allows me to get the upper body workout I want. What's extra special is that you can do pull-ups without having to fasten it to anything.


reviews of my workhorse fitness trainer; testimonials of the work horse fitness trainer; comments of my portable pull up bar,


I'm having so much fun incorporating this little fella (or lady) into my daily workouts.  It folds flat so you can tuck it under a bed or shimmy it behind a couch. It's lightweight, took me two minutes to set up.  AND it doesn't have to hang.

Kayla Tyburski

Variety by Vashti

I have been training on the WorkHorse and I really like it. So quick and convenient. I can really get a lot done in a short amount of time. And it targets the muscles groups that matter!!! 

Darin Steen, Drug Free for Life Bodybuilder

Personal Trainer & Fitness Advisor to Dr. Mercola

Michael Manna, T4 Videos

The WorkHorse is multi-purpose, easy to transport and doesn't break the bank!

PFP Fitness Magazine

Given the sturdy construction, extreme usefulness to anyone who struggles with pull-ups, and easy storage I give this product a solid A-minus! My 17 year old daughter who can barely do one pull-up was able to do 8 pull-ups with the WorkHorse

Weight Loss Headquarters

  • I can do a hundred push-ups but didn’t realize how weak I was doing pull-ups. Glad I found the Work Horse. PS. My wife and kids are using it too!
    Keith P.
  • "I love it. Great after my morning run. My wife is using it too, everybody I know gets the door mounted unit and struggles to do a few pull ups and then calls it quits. Super easy to put together, and it’s very solid."

    Anthony G.
  • Muscle imbalance is a huge problem that contributes to upper back and neck pain that contributes to the fact that most people only do pushups for their upper body and not enough pull-ups simply because they can’t, I think the Work Horse definitely addresses that problem
    Dr. Gary Wilkerson University. of Tennessee; Head Athletic Trainer
  • It’s a much better workout than pulling the bands. I really like this modified pull-up workout
    Wendy R.
  • As a personal Trainer and gym owner, The Work Horse is always being used. My ladies and guys are always using it. I’m going to have to get more!
    Allura C
  • Great to know that at 60 I can do pull-ups again. Great workout, I like doing 50’s

    Richard J.
  • I think this is the next great piece of equipment everyone should have in their home. You can train all those upper body muscles with The Work Horse
    Elizabeth Sparks INFF Champion, Ms Fit Galaxy
  • I think the Work Horse is a simple idea that is genius. Only fit males can do pull-ups, but when you can off-load their body weight, now everyone can get the benefits of pull-ups
    Dr. Cliff Sheats Bestselling Author, "Lean Bodies"
  • I think every trainer should be using the Work Horse. It is easy enough to take with you and will probably become a staple item in all gyms the same way exercise benches and balls have become
    Doug Atkinson Dallas Mavericks Trainer, retired
  • Finally a simple way for everyone to be able to do pull-ups at home. What a great idea. I think the Work Horse is a must have for anyone who likes to train at home
    Doug Caporrino Celebrity Trainer, Author and Speaker