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  • Work Horse Fitness Trainer

    Work Horse Fitness Trainer

    aka...My Portable Pull-up Bar

    • No Bolts, Doorways or Tools Required
    • Workout anywhere - living room, outside, the office, on the road
    • No more running to another room to do pull-ups
    • Folds up for Easy Storage


    Pull-up bars are great - if you can use them???


    Get the same great benefits from inverted pull-ups as
    regular pull-ups ....without the need of a doorway!


    Don't Neglect half your upper body, because you can't do pull-ups!


    Get a Complete Upper Body Workout in 5-10 minutes


     my portable pullup bar

    • Push-ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps....
      .....half your upper body.


    • Pull-ups hit your back, biceps and forearms....
      .....the other half of your upper body.


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