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Learn about Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress as your read any of the books by Dr. Len Lopez
  • To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question (e-book)

    To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question (e-book)

    Burning Fats and Burning Calories Isn't the Same Thing


    Your 'metabolism' burns calories by breaking down either carbohydrates, proteins or fats!

    You burn calories to produce energy (heat) - it's that simple!

    The key to successful weight loss and energy throughout the day is in triggering your metabolism to burn fats instead of carbohydrates and proteins (lean muscle).


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    It's Not how many calories you burned, it’s whether or not you burned stored body fats!

    BECAUSE you can burn all day long!

    But if you are only burning carbs and proteins, (twigs and small branches) instead of'll never get those unwanted pounds off or overcome fatigue, mood swings, cravings, irritability etc!

    What regulates your metabolism are hormones.  

    • some hormones trigger your body to burn fats
    • some hormones burn carbs and lean muscles
    • and some hormones store fats
    Which hormones are racing through your body 24/7?

    Diet and Exercise activates various hormones...AND so does Stress!

    Too much stress and cortisol can undercut the best diet and workout routine.

    Diet and Exercise are important – but Stress could be that missing piece of the puzzle…

    Learn how STRESS, DIET and EXERCISE trigger your hormones to burn or store fats.






     1.  Good Fitness and Good Health

    • Hormones Trigger the Action
    • Burning Fats for Weight Loss

    2.  Stress and the Adrenal Glands

    • The Different Types of Stress
    • Symptoms of Stress

    3.  Stressed About Weight Loss

    • Adrenal Exhaustion
    • Lowering Our Stress

    4.  Is the Thyroid to Blame?

    • The Function of the Thyroid
    • Revving the Metabolism

    5.  Balancing Our Blood Sugar

    • Insulin Stores Fat
    • Glucagon Burns Fat

    6.  The Five & Two Plan for Dieting

    • Ten Steps to Better Health

    7.  Exercise and Fitness

    • Aerobic and Anaerobic Metabolism
    • Exercise Intensity

    8.  Target Fat Burning Zone

    • Finding Your Fat Burning Zone
    • Building Your Aerobic Capacity

    9.  Exercising for Weight Loss

    • Balancing Aerobic and Anaerobic Training
    • Creating a Workout

    10.  The Super Seven Workout

    • Lose Weight and Burn Fat
    • Building Muscle Tone




    If you are one of the millions of people who constantly struggle with your weight and are always on some type of diet or exercise program to help fight the battle of the bulge, this book will be very helpful to you.


    Many people spend half their life dieting yet they still can’t lose any weight.  Some wonder why they spend so much time exercising with little or no results to show.  Others claim they do a good job of dieting and exercising, but are still unable to reach their desired weight loss goals.  With so much dieting and exercise we should be seeing more positive results.  Unfortunately, here in America, problems with weight gain and obesity are a growing concern and never ending problem for many.


    Most people think diet and exercise are all that’s involved when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.  There are many people who diet properly and routinely exercise, but are still not seeing the results they want when they look in the mirror.  Keep in mind that if you are dieting properly and routinely exercise, but still not losing weight or shaping up, then diet and exercise may not be the only pieces of this puzzle


    There could be another factor we haven’t looked at before.  Stress!


    Stress may be part of the problem that’s holding back your results.  Is there heavy stress in your life?  Do you always feel fatigued and run down?  Are you constantly on the go?  Do you suffer from headaches, indigestion, bloating, constipation, allergies, PMS, menopause, arthritis, diabetes and low blood sugar?  Do you get enough sleep each night?  If you’re answering yes to this short list of questions there is a good chance that stress is overwhelming your body and triggering hormonal responses that are working against you in your weight loss efforts.  It’s also a possibility that your diet and exercise programs may be triggering the wrong hormonal responses.  You could be activating all the triggers that promote your body to store fat rather than burn fat.

    Burning Calories


    All we have heard about for the last 25 years has been how many calories we need to burn to lose weight.  What we are starting to realize is that it doesn’t necessarily matter how many calories we burn each day if we are always burning calories from the wrong source.  Let me explain, the human body can burn calories from carbohydrates, proteins or fats.  The biggest problem for most people who are unsuccessful with their weight loss efforts is that they are constantly burning calories from carbohydrates and proteins and not from fats.  When you can start triggering your body to burn calories from stored body fat, you will be able to finally succeed in your weight loss efforts. 


    We have been lead to believe that losing weight and keeping it off is only a matter of counting the number of calories we eat in our diet and counting the number of calories we burn in our workout routines.  There is more to it than that, just because the machine you just finished exercising with stated you had burned 300 calories, doesn’t mean you burned 300 calories from stored body fat.  You could have burned 300 calories from all the carbohydrates you just consumed in your last meal.


    The key is triggering your body to burn fat and not store fat!  This is where our hormones come into play.  Hormones regulate our body.  In fact, they trigger various responses.  Some hormones trigger our body to burn fat, some hormones trigger our body to store fat and some hormones trigger our body to burn carbohydrates and proteins.  Obviously, if you’re trying to lose weight it would be smarter to trigger your body to produce more of the hormones that burn fat rather than storing fat.


    This is what you will learn as you read this book.  You will learn how stress, diet and exercise trigger your hormones to either burn or store fat.  You will learn which hormones work in your favor and which hormones work against all your dieting efforts.  The best part about this whole process of triggering various hormones to work with us is that we have a great deal of control as to which hormones are being produced and how we can regulate them to help us lose weight.


    As you read, you will learn the type of diet to follow in order to help produce hormones that will burn fat.  You will learn the type of workout routine that will help you burn calories from stored body fat.  Most importantly, you will learn the overwhelming effect stress has on your body’s ability to either burn fat or store fat.

    Getting Healthy


    The final point I want to make known as you read this book is that not only do I want to help you get thinner, I want to help you become healthier.  There are a lot of unhealthy skinny people out and about.  Fortunately, the suggestions outlined in this book will help us not only lose weight, by regulating our hormones in response to our diet, exercise routine and stress level, but we will also move closer to overall better health.


    The one important thing I have learned in almost ten years of clinical practice is that almost everyone who has sought my advise on losing weight usually came with a whole laundry list of other health complaints.  Often times patients would also complain of fatigue, headaches, PMS, menopause, cravings, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, irritability, mood swings, low blood sugar, inability to concentrate, insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, allergies and other symptoms.  What I have learned is that you must take into consideration what all those symptoms mean when designing a diet and exercise program for someone. 


    We are not all the same, but when our body is bombarded with all these symptoms (signals), it is letting us know that something inside isn’t working properly.  We may have to address some of those symptoms at the same time we are working on our weight loss program.  We may still be able to lose weight, but I believe the overall goal should be to get healthier while at the same time get thinner.  The amazing thing is that as we get our bodies healthier and back in balance, it is much easier for the body to drop that unwanted weight.


    I want to wish you the best of luck as you strive towards a leaner and healthier body and I hope you can follow the actions steps suggested at the end of each chapter.


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