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Learn about Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress as your read any of the books by Dr. Len Lopez
  • 5 Steps a Day

    5 Steps a Day

    Journaling is an important tool in helping reach your goals and dreams.
    Learn some simple journaling shortcuts that activate your visual and kinesthetic learning centers .
    In 4 short weeks you can change your habits and attitudes with The STEPS Program.
    STEPS is an acronym for…
    • Sleep…Did you feed your Subconscious mind positive thoughts for the eight hours you slept?
    • Think…Did you feed your Conscious mind positive thoughts throughout the day?
    • Eat…Did you feed your body healthy, nutritious food?
    • Physical…Did you spend some time exercising today?
    • Spirit…Have you let your spiritual muscles get flabby?
    In less than 2 minutes a day you can quickly see how well you nourish your body, mind and spirit.
    Physically shading-in the footstep activates your kinesthetic learning center…the visual picture of the steps you are taking – taps into your visual learning centers to anchor those positive habits and attitudes.  No other program does that!

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    These 5 STEPS are the fundamental steps we use to feed our body, mind and spirit…which has a huge impact to our level of health, wealth and happiness...
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