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  • 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes (e-book)

    10 Biggest Workout Mistakes (e-book)

    It's About Results!

    • Are your workouts giving you the results you are looking for?
    • Are you exercising an already exhausted body?
    • Have you hit a plateau?

    the 10 biggest workout mistakes,common fitness mistakes, dr len lopezIt's easier to get a healthy person fit - than it is to get someone struggling with (thyroid, hypoglycemia, hormonal, fatigue, arthritis, etc...) fit!

    It's about training and dieting smarter - instead of harder or longer!

    Don't make some of these common mistakes that can hold back your results.

    It's more than simply keep your back straight, use good form, and how to breath.

    • Is your aerobic workout - too intense for your body?
    • Is Stress keeping you in the 'catabolic' breakdown phase too long?
    • Are you absorbing all the protein and nutrients you are consuming?
    The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes, helps you overcome many of the real world problems and health issues, that causes plateau's and sticking points.  Dr. Len Lopez uses his background in sports medicine, strength training and nutrition to help you get the most out of your time, energy and effort from your workouts.

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    Table of Contents


    1.     Aerobic Training that is Counter Productive

    2.     Not Staying in Your Fat Burning Zone 24/7

    3.     Stress and Over-Training

    4.     Why Leg Raises Contribute to Back Pain

    5.     Why Treadmills, Stair-Steppers and Other Training Machines Do Nothing for Your Rear-End

    6.     It’s Not What You Eat It’s What You Absorb

    7.     What and When to Eat…Especially Carbs

    8.     Stressing the Muscle…Enough!

    9.     Exercising All the Muscles…Not Just the Pretty Ones

    10.   Not Enough Rest and Sleep




    The primary reason people exercise is to look better; feel and think better; and sleep better.  Unfortunately there are some common mistakes I have noticed over the years as a sports physician, strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist.  The worst part about these mistakes is that they can literally slow down your results.


    As in real estate, Results, Results, Results are what everything is based on.  Most people don’t want to waste their Time, Energy or Money on things that don’t produce positive results.  As you read “The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes” you may uncover one, two or more mistakes that have been holding back your results. This book is designed to help shed some light on some areas that are confusing and outdated.  More importantly it was written to help make sure you are getting the most for the amount of time, energy and money you are investing


    Exercise can be a double edge sword for some people.  The thought that all or any exercise is good may be inaccurate.  Too much exercise can lead to over-training and lack of results.  Training at the wrong intensity, whether it is too high or too low can hamper your results.  Additional physical stress from a workout…on an already exhausted, fatigued individual could be more counterproductive to your metabolism than helpful.  And of course performing exercises incorrectly or performing exercises that simply don’t do what you expect can also hold back your results.


    The most important thing you need to understand regarding exercise, fitness and your results are based on the fact that…

    • 15-20% of your results are based on your Physical Workout.
    • 15-20% of your results are based on Rest and Recovery.
    • 60-70% of your results are based on Diet.


    Diet plays a huge part, rest and recovery is another important factor, as is stress and the amount of physical, mental, emotional and dietary stress you place on the body.  The focus of this book is to help enlighten many of those who only think that all you have to do is strap on the running shoes and go.  There are many other factors that come into play when you talk about adding shape and tone to your body.  You will explore some of the mistakes I have seen first hand, as well as, from the viewpoint of a sports physician, nutritionist and strength coach who treats and has helped train both world class athletes to stay-at-home moms.


    I can’t say these mistakes are in any particular order.  They are simply common mistakes that I see all the time.


    That being said, I hope you enjoy the book.

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