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From the Desk of Dr. Len

The Secret to Great Abs!

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, March 25, 2015


secret to great absThe real secret to great looking abs is DIET. Let me pinpoint a little bit more - it is making sure your metabolism is burning calories from stored body fat…for the 23 hours of the day you are NOT working out.


It doesn’t matter how many crunches, twist, bends or planks you do…if you don’t get that extra layer or two of fat around your midsection off – you’ll never be able to see those abdominal muscles.


Exercise is important, but there isn’t a specific exercise, movement or piece of exercise equipment that is going to help you get your abs to show if you don’t get that fat off of your tummy.


Exercise will help you burn calories, but the real secret is what happens to your metabolism for the other 23 hours of the day that you aren’t exercising.

10 biggest workout mistakes,ten common fitness mistakes, workout mistakes, dr len lopez,Are you burning calories from stored body fat? That’s the real key. Anyone can burn more calories…but simply burning more calories doesn’t necessarily or automatically mean you are burning calories from the breakdown of stored body fat.


Your body or more specifically your metabolism burns calories by either burning fats, carbohydrates or proteins. Too many of the patients and clients I work with are continually burning carbs and protein (lean muscle) not stored body fat.


One of the first thing you need to do is Test Your Metabolism to check and see if it is working for you or against you. If you find that your metabolism isn’t keeping you in your fat burning zone…you need to address that first before doing your next 100 crunches.


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