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From the Desk of Dr. Len

The Portable Pull-up Bar gets Reviewed

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Have you been thinking about getting a Work Horse?

If you have, here is what Michael Manna, the host of the T4Show has to say about the Work Horse and why a portable pull-up bar is something everyone should have for their home gym. In case you don't remember Michael, he is probably best known as Stevie Richards, when he was a professional wrestler.

I hope you can share the story with your friends and let them know about the importance of inverted pullups and the convenience of being able to workout anywhere.

No more running to another room to workout or bolting anything to your doorway.

It's also great that you can take your Work Horse outside or to the office if you want it. It folds up!

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Most of all, don't overlook the fact that most people who workout at home, usually neglect half their upper body because they can't do pull-ups. You simply can't train half your upper body. That leads to muscle imbalance and upper back and neck pain.

It's those muscles of our upper back that counter-balance our chest muscles that are typically too tight because of all the time people spend at a desk, computer, or ipad. So whether you use our portable pullup bar or not, remember you have to work those upper back muscles or you could fall victim of needless upper back and neck pain!

So if you've been thinking about getting a Work Horse, and wanted to hear someone else's opinion before you make the commitment, I hope this helps. Have a great workout and don't's what you do for the 23 hours you aren't working out that make the major difference.

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