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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Should You Workout Together?

Dr. Len Lopez - Thursday, February 12, 2015


designing a fitness program;should men and women train together;design a fitness program,Over the weekend I saw a few different people walking, running, biking, etc… which was great, but who really benefits when you exercise with another person? I’m not talking about the emotional lift you get from working out together, I’m talking about results!


Are you getting the results and benefits you are after from your training partner? Working out is great, but most people are looking to lose weight, drop some inches and increases their lean muscle, and hope to do that by training with someone else.


If you have two different people training (walking, jogging, biking, aerobic class, etc.) together…you need to think about a few different variables as you design a fitness program.


Are the two people training together…

  • About the same age?

The same or different sex?
Do they weigh about the same?
What is their current fitness level?
Are there any health conditions that need to be discussed?


You have to think about that because two people running, biking or dancing at the same pace may not be benefiting both people equally.

  • If one person is 25 pounds heavier than the other – it may not be an aerobic workout for that person, because the intensity of the workout will be harder for the heavier person. This will make it stress producing on the heavier person and trigger ‘Anaerobic Metabolism’ instead of aerobic metabolism. This is one of the  most common mistakes I see.
  • If they are different ages, you have the same dilemma – the intensity of the workout probably has to be different, but if they are running or biking at the same speed. The older person is taxing their body harder than the younger and probably isn’t receiving the same fitness benefits.
  • What about the male and female training together? It’s great for the relationship but it’s another variable that needs to be considered when designing a fitness plan.
  • Their level of health is another factor to consider. Two people may be the same age, weight, sex, etc….but is one person struggling with fatigue, lack of energy, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, hypoglycemia, etc. All those different ailments and symptoms have an effect on how well your body repairs and rebuilds itself after a workout.


FYI - the repair process is where most of our results come from? The workout is when we tear the muscle down. It is what happens for the next 23 hours of the day that determines what kind of results you get.


These are some of the most obvious things that need to be considered when designing a workout routine with a partner. I’m a fan of training together, but I’m also a bigger fan of results. It's about training and dieting smarter - not longer or harder. Hope that helps you or gives you something to think about as you examine the workout routine you share with your training partner.


If you need a Second Opinion to help figure out why your results aren't there, let us know.  





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