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Reduce Cellulite

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, August 05, 2015


how to reduce cellulite;eliminate cellulite;the wrong workout adds celluliteOver the years women have complained of cellulite. They can’t lose it! They can’t get rid of it! They’re dieting and exercising with little or no results. Some try “cosmetic” creams and potions, which only draw water into the area, which reduces that cottage cheese look, but it doesn’t really get rid of cellulite. Others try spa’s and dermatologist for the latest peels, wraps, mechanical and surgical device’s for help.


But do any of these techniques address the real cause?


NO!  Let’s first define the problem in easy to understand terms. The muscle shrinks and the fat cells around the muscles become bigger - it’s that simple! The size of your leg or bottom doesn't necessarily change, this is why you can still fit into the same pants and clothing.  


Let me say it this way - your butt muscles and hamstrings shrink-up, while at the same time the fat cells around your backside become bigger. This causes that dimpling look that you don’t want to see.


Simply working out and dieting isn’t the whole answer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone tell me I’m working out and dieting but nothing is changing. To which I always tell them, maybe we need to take a closer look at your workout and diet to make sure that isn’t the problem. Nine-times out of ten -the workout intensity is part of the problem, along with the wrong diet!


Remember if your muscles are shrinking, it’s because your body is probably burning proteins or lean muscle for energy instead of stored body fats. Burning calories and burning fats are not the same thing, and that is where most people go wrong.

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If you want to Test Your Metabolism to see if it has shifted, use the online health quiz to see if that is part of your cellulite problem. Keep in mind the wrong workout will contribute to your body burning lean muscle instead of stored body fat. So don’t automatically think that you’re doing everything right by simply working out and dieting. 


The big question you need to ask yourself is if whether your workout and diet program is right for your current level of health and fitness? That is the bigger question you need to be exploring. If you’ve hit that plateau or sticking point, maybe that should be a wake-up call that you need to change some things. If you question whether or not your diet or workout program is right for you and need a second opinion. I can definitely help you look for some answers.

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