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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Preventive Exercise for Baseball, Softball and Golfers

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Try this Simple Exercise to Prevent Injuries



If you play a one-sided sport such as baseball, softball, golf, tennis you run the risk of aches and pains caused by muscle imbalance. Swinging a bat, golf club or racket is a one-sided sport that causes more muscle contraction on one-side of your body versus the other.preventive exercise for baseball softball golf,therapeutic exercise;


The one-sided swing is what makes you vulnerable to injury, which is why a simple therapeutic exercise should be done regularly to help restore balance back to your body. Think about it, when you swing a baseball bat, as the video shows, you will notice that muscles that are needed to rotate the body are contracted and stretched more so on one side than the other. This is because you are rotating so much harder to one side than the other.


A right-handed hitter will probably have a greater range of motion when he turns his body to the left than to the right. This is because you rotate much further to the left side, because of your follow through on the swing.


You slowly contract your body to the right when you start the back swing or the loading phase. But you than forcefully contract your body to the left as you swing the bat, golf club, racket, etc.


This causes muscle imbalance to the muscle involved in stabilizing your torso. Basically the muscle on one side of your body are in a more contracted state than the opposing side. This leads to low back pain, or worse make you vulnerable to pulling your abdominal muscles or a rib out of place.


How many times do you swing the bat, golf club or racket (in one direction) each time you play? injury prevention baseball golf softball,sports medicine,dr len lopez,injury prevention golf softball baseball


A simple exercise to help restore balance is to swing the bat, club, racket , etc anywhere from 30-100 times in the opposite direction. I’m not trying to make you a switch hitter…I’m trying to get you to re-balance those muscles around your torso and try and reduce the shearing effect the muscle imbalance is causing on your spine.


You don’t have to swing hard or swing anywhere close to how hard you swing normally. You are simply trying to resynchronize the muscle on the left and right side of your body.’ It is a simple preventive exercise that has tremendous therapeutic value for anyone who swings a bat, golf club or racket.


Give it a try and reduce your risk of injury. There is nothing worse than not being able to play the game you love because of some aches and pains going on.

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