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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Door Mounted vs. Portable Pull-up Bar

Dr. Len Lopez - Thursday, March 05, 2015


door mounted pull-up bar;portable pull up bar;can't do pull-ups;how can women do pull-ups;pull-ups chin-ups,push pull workout;Door mounted pullup bars are great --- if you can use them? But how many women actually buy pull-up bars? How many men over 35, or who have added a few pounds are buying pullup bars?


Push-ups and Pull-ups are the quickest way to add shape and tone to your upper body, unfortunately both men and women neglect pull-ups for several different reasons. What they don’t know, is that over-looking pull-ups can lead to unexplained upper back pain, caused by muscle imbalance.


The primary reason people neglect pull-ups is because they are hard to do. Most women can’t do pullups, and more than 50% of men can’t do pullups either.


The second reason has a lot to do with bolting something to your door frame. Bolting three inch screws to a door frame is not something most women will sign up for. Pull-up bars that wedge in a door frame remedy some of that headache, unfortunately not all door frames work for this type of apparatus.



Another reason is that a lot of people over 5 feet 9 want a pull-up bar to hang higher than 6 feet. Who wants to have to curl up their legs as they do pull-ups?


Also, most people don’t want to run to another room to do pull-ups! If you’re following P90X or any other DVD, or exercising in your living room, do you really want to pause your DVD and run to the garage to do pullups? What if you want to exercise outside – do you want to have to run back inside all sweaty?


There are several reason to neglect pull-ups, but the solution is the portable pull-up bar! It’s designed to help you do inverted pull-ups.


One major benefit is that it is portable and you can exercise almost anywhere…the living room, outside, the office or on the road.


portable pull up bar;easy to do pull-ups, chin up bar,push pull workoutInverted pull-ups work the same muscles as regular pull-ups. The big benefit is that it allows both men and women to ‘off-loading’ about a third of their body weight so they can finally target their back and biceps. Inverted pull-ups are like ‘knee’ push-ups, they make those impossible pullups - POSSIBLE.


Neglecting a muscle or group of muscles is what leads to muscle imbalance, and most aches and pains are a result of muscle imbalance. So, if you ONLY do pushups and over-look pullups, you are creating muscle imbalance for your upper torso. This leads to unexplained upper back and neck pain.


No one would ever advise anyone to do a set of bicep curls without also hitting your triceps, because it could lead to shoulder or elbow pain. The same concept holds true – if you only work your pec’s and don’t do anything for your upper back. So, give inverted pull-ups a try with the WorkHorse Fitness Trainer! You’ll be amazed how good of an upper body workout you can get in as little as 5 minutes.


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