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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Front Squats Over Back Squats

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Why Front Squats?



The two biggest reasons I like front squats over typical back squats are

  1. More emphasis or stress on the thighs
  2. Less stress on the low back

 front squats versus back squats;benefits of front squats over regular squats

The fact that you keep your back more perpendicular when doing a front squat tells the whole story. By keeping your back more perpendicular you place more of the stress or focus on your thighs, which is why you are doing squats.


When most people perform regular squats, you will notice that when they are at the bottom of the movement, (in a squated position, knees bent) and they begin to push upward or raise from the body, they will first raise their bottom and than pull their shoulders back. This puts a lot of stress on the low back.


A simple tip to verify what I am talking about is to take about 7-10 days off from a leg workout and than do about 10 sets of either front or back squats....and really get a good hard workout. What you want to see is how you feel the next 24-48 hours. What muscle's are sore? Is it predominately your thighs, butt muscle or low back?


What I've noticed for myself and from others is that the person doing front squats will feel a lot less stiffness in his low back and more of the soreness will be in his thighs and gluteus maximus.


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