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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Exercise can be a Double Edge Sword

Dr. Len Lopez - Wednesday, July 08, 2015


saliva testing,adrenal stress test;cortisol testing;stress and exercising,overtrainingThe last thing you want to do is over-stress or over-train an already exhausted body. Exercise is a double edge sword.   It can be both Stress Reducing and or Stress Producing.


Exercise is a form of stress – the more intense the workout, the more stressful it is on the body. If your body is already at its limit, with regards to the amount of stress you throw on it, you have to be careful and not over-train or over-work your body. This will inhibit your bodies ability to recover and repair, which means all the gains you are hoping to achieve may not be coming along.


A good, hard run or punching a bag for 20 minutes may help you blow off some steam, but that intense hard workout could also be very stressful on your body. The question is, can your body handle the additional stress or is all that additional stress you are throwing on your body depleting and exhausting your adrenal glands?


One of the most common reason why people hit sticking points and plateau's...has more to do with their body, their adrenal glands, being exhausted and unable to handle the additional amount of stress you are throwing on it.


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If you've hit a plateau or sticking point and not sure what to do, I would suggest taking the online Stress Test and see if that could be the problem. If you want more concrete evidence have your cortisol levels and adrenal glands tested to see if stress is what is holding you back. If you're not getting the results you want -- you are going to have to change something, whether that's your workout, diet, rest and recovery....but something needs to be changed.


Sticking points aren't simply because you are doing the same workout and the body has gotten used to it. Remember the more stress or exercise in your day...required more rest and recovery! Are you getting that rest!

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