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From the Desk of Dr. Len

Does Counting Calories Help?

Dr. Len Lopez - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

counting caloriesWhat controls your metabolism and whether or not you’re breaking down fats, carbs or proteins are HORMONES. 

Below is some of the information I provided for a recent article that I was asked to help on, regarding if Counting Calories was helpful.


You need to understand that some hormones trigger your body to burn fats, some tell your body to store fat, others tell your body to burn carbs and proteins.  Which hormones are you producing more of?


Diet and Exercise are part of the puzzle, but Stress could be the missing piece of the puzzle.


Yes, the number of calories you eat has some effect, but it is not as prominent as people think.  More importantly, burning calories is not the same as burning calories from FATS!  Because you can burn calories all day long from the breakdown of carbs and proteins (lean muscle), instead of fats.  When you do that you will find that you will struggle with your weight, fatigue, cravings, mood swings, irritability, etc….to burn or not to burn fat is the question, dr len lopez, stress and cortisol, diet and stress,


Counting calories makes sense on paper and with a calculator.  But, how many people do you know who have counted calories and haven’t done much with moving the scale?


Diet triggers both Insulin and Glucagon

Insulin is a hormone that triggers your body to store fat, and is produced in response to eating carbs.

Glucagon signals your body to burn fat and is produced in response to eating protein.

        • Which one of these two hormones are you producing more of because of your dietary choices?


Exercise can help you burn calories, but Depending on the Intensity of your workout, will determine if you burn carbs and lean muscle or stored body fats for energy.

What’s good about strength training or a good hard, high intensity workout is that it triggers more Testosterone and Growth Hormone

Two hormones that help burn fat and build lean muscle


The Wrong Workout will cause your body to burn lean muscle instead of stored body fats.  Can you say CELLULITE?

Exercise is another form of stress.  Can your body handle the additional STRESS?


Stress triggers the production of cortisol and adrenaline, two catabolic hormones.

      • These two ‘fight or flight’ hormones signal your metabolism to burn carbs and lean muscle, because it needs quick energy.  Carbs and proteins can be broken down much faster than fats.  If you have these stress hormones racing through your body throughout the day, because of your lifestyle choices, it could be over-riding all the benefits of your diet and workout routine.

      • Exercise is a double edge sword, especially when you realize that it adds stress onto the body.

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